trane tech outside by ac unitYour central air conditioner is full of electrical and mechanical parts that require monitoring and maintenance. Most breakdowns are caused by lack of maintenance, dirt, and normal wear and tear. The mechanical moving parts are just like any other engine or machine. Some are in sealed compartments and some need to be greased and lubricated before starting their yearly or seasonal run. Rely on the pros at MD Air Conditioning and Heating to tailor your maintenance checklist to your specific model and manufacturer’s specifications.

Your MD Air Conditioning and Heating technician will remove all panels in order to get a better view of the mechanics of your Air Conditioning unit. He will complete a multiple point check of the inside and outside units and drain lines, including everything required to keep you’re A/C operating at peak efficiency.

Air Conditioning – Spring Service / Heat Pump Fall Service

Air Conditioning – Spring Service / Heat Pump Fall Service
Services vary by make and model.


  • Check, measure and record refrigerant pressures.
  • Check, condenser fan motor bearings and lubricate as needed.
  • Clean condenser coil.
  • Check and measure motor capacitor ratings.
  • Check compressor running amperage and voltage.
  • Check contactor points and electrical connections.
  • Clean condensate drain line.
  • Check blower motor bearings and lubricate as needed.
  • Check condition of evaporator surface.
  • Check blower assembly as needed.
  • Check thermostat operation and accuracy.

Without regular maintenance, your AC could be working twice as hard during the summer months, which means higher energy bills. Not to mention that a lack of proper maintenance can cause a breakdown during the peak of a summer heatwave. We’d rather help you prevent a costly repair than have to help you out on an emergency call.

Although it is very important to have a professional provide the services for the Spring central air conditioning tune-up or heat pump Fall service, there are still things you can do to make sure that it stays in good working order between service calls. Basic maintenance includes:

  • Changing your air filter out every month (or less depending on your manufacturer) year-round.
  • Keeping the drain outside the house clear of grass, dirt and other obstructions.
  • Keeping all vents clear of obstructions such as furniture, especially the return air vents.
  • Keep your thermostat easily accessible and clear of lamps and other heat sources that could fool the system into thinking your home is warmer than it is.
  • You can extend the life of your AC unit by following these suggestions and staying up-to-date with your MD Air Conditioning Maintenance Plan.

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