If you are looking for ways to save money on your heating and cooling, you may have come across information about smart thermostats. These devices come packed full of features, and the selection may feel overwhelming. Here is a breakdown of the types of smart thermostats that you can find at MD Air Conditioning & Heating for homes and businesses in the San Antonio area.

1. Basic Models of Smart Thermostats

Also known as programmable thermostats, the basic models of smart thermostats that MD Air Conditioning & Heating offers can be pre-set with specific temperature settings by the time of day. These are great options if you want an affordable way to reduce your utility bills. You can set temperatures for when you are home, away, or sleeping, and the thermostat will regulate the HVAC system accordingly.

2. Smart Thermostats That Learn

Smart thermostats that can learn are one step above traditional programmable thermostats. Instead of pre-programming the device, you simply put it in learning mode and adjust your temperature settings as normal. The thermostat records your temperature preferences by setting and time of day. At the end of the learning mode, which is normally about two weeks, you can put the thermostat on auto, and it will use the same pattern of temperature settings. If you need to change the programmed temperatures, you repeat the steps for teaching the device.

3. Smart Thermostats That Monitor Your HVAC System

MD Air Conditioning & Heating offers smart thermostats that monitor the health of your HVAC system. This is a great complement to our HVAC maintenance services. The thermostat identifies any problems in the early stages so you can call us to schedule a time for repair services. These types of smart thermostats also let you know when you need to schedule routine maintenance with us to have your system checked, filters changed, and air ducts cleaned.

4. Smart Thermostats That Connect to Your Home Assistant

If you use a home assistant to help manage your day-to-day schedule and appliances, you can find a smart thermostat at MD Air Conditioning & Heating that ties into the same assistant. Instead of manually setting the smart thermostat or checking the status, you can use your digital assistant.

5. Zone Control Smart Thermostats

Uneven temperatures are common problems for homes and businesses around San Antonio, and these variations in temperature carry enormous costs in utility expenses. MD Air Conditioning & Heating has smart thermostats that are installed with individual sensors in each room. The sensors wirelessly transmit temperatures to the smart thermostat that is connected to the zone system. The thermostat adjusts air flow throughout the house to help reduce hot and cold spots.

6. Geofencing Smart Thermostats

Geofencing is a technology that sets invisible boundaries in a space, and it is used in security cameras, drones, and other devices. A geofencing smart thermostat detects when you leave or return to your home and business. It then adjusts the temperature accordingly. These devices save you money by less cooling or heating when you are not home, depending on the season. You also have the convenience of not having to adjust the temperature for your HVAC system as you depart or arrive. You set the boundary by which the system operates. You may want the geofence to include the entire interior space of your home or only the main living area. Geofencing does not affect which areas of the home are heated and cooled. Rather, it determines what part of the home or business you must enter before the smart thermostat adjusts the HVAC settings.

Smart Thermostats and Devices at MD Air Conditioning & Heating

Smart devices have become the centerpieces of our lives, and you can find smart thermostats that you operate from your phone or tablet. This allows you to change settings when you are away and monitor the smart thermostat. If the thermostat is designed to monitor your HVAC system, you can access this information from your smart device. You can also check geofencing and receive alerts when the HVAC system is changed due to someone entering or leaving your home.

The features of smart thermostats provide you with extensive capabilities to control your HVAC system and manage your utility costs and time. MD Air Conditioning & Heating offers smart thermostats for homes and businesses in the San Antonio area. We can also help with all of your heating and air conditioning installation, maintenance, and repair needs. Call us today to learn more about our company and the smart thermostats we offer!

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