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Superb San Antonio Heating ServiceWhen it’s cold outside, the last thing you want to have to deal with is a failing home heating system. There’s no reason a family should have to face a broken heater dilemma in the middle of winter. Regular and dedicated inspections of a home heater can find problems immediately, long before they turn into a major system failure or the need for a full replacement. And that kind of issue can be extremely expensive. Full heating system replacements can be very costly. By getting seasonal heater maintenance and keeping your system in good shape, you can avoid this hefty expense for longer.

Furnace Maintenance San Antonio Locals Lean On

Good heating maintenance is more than just checking and replacing the air filter. It is a comprehensive inspection of every element of a heating system including:

  • Motherboard integrity testing
  • Heating unit blower pressure
  • Condensation unit proper function
  • Flue integrity and spotting for cracking or leaks.

Heating MaintenanceEvery aspect is checked not just for performance but also for safety as well. Carbon monoxide leakage is a very dangerous problem in older systems that are not maintained, and there is no way for a homeowner to know it exists absent a CO alarm or a full inspection finding the problem. It’s quiet, invisible, and doesn’t even smell as an early warning. Yet every year CO inhalation deaths occur across the country that are entirely preventable through basic heating system maintenance checks scheduled on a regular basis.

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Don’t let your home slip into chilly temperatures due to lack of heater maintenance! Schedule a proper heating system maintenance check and rest assured that not only is your system working correctly but that it is operating safely for your family as well day and night. You can ensure this smart decision with an ongoing service agreement from MD Air Conditioning & Heating. Contact us today!