The Air Conditioning Maintenance Service San Antonio Trusts

Your air conditioner is located outside, exposed to the sun, rain, wind, and elements, oftentimes becoming home to stray bugs and debris blowing in the air. Over time, all of that exposure builds up and starts to deplete the performance of the unit. The release of heat and draw of fresh air are essential elements of a functional and working air conditioner system. MD Air Conditioning & Heating poses the following benefits to choosing us:
trane tech outside by ac unit

  • Prompt, efficient service
  • Reliable technicians
  • We service many makes and Models

Having a good AC maintenance team on your side for regular AC system checks and spotting of repair needs is essential for the long life of your system. Remember, a typical AC system with a new home or replacement has already been a sizable investment. You want to protect that home component and make it last for as long as possible.

Choose MD Air Conditioning & Heating for Quality AC Tune Ups

trane hvac unitTrained, qualified technicians can perform the following to make sure your system is in the best possible condition for you and your home:

  • We perform pressure tests that are critical for finding leaks, the very weakness that robs the core power of your system to produce cold air.
  • We test the electrical flow to find any problems or potential shorts in the system.
  • We can measure the airflow pressure and push throughout to ensure that the farthest AC vent in your home is receiving the same delivery as the nearest one to your AC unit.

Take Care of Your AC With Preventative Maintenance

These checks provide essential early spotting of problems so that if they do exist the issue can be resolved as early as possible with the lowest cost involved. Just waiting for things to break is a mistake; what could have been an easy fix after an air conditioning maintenance check could cost thousands of dollars when an entire system failure occurs.

And you can have peace of mind and professional service on a regular basis with an AC maintenance agreement from MD Air Conditioning & Heating. We also offer AC repair, installation, and heating maintenance in San Antonio, TX!