trane hvac unitHeating and air conditioning in Macdona, TX is a necessity for homeowners and businesses. Hot, muggy summers and low winter temperatures require certified HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) technicians for your family’s comfort. At MD Air Conditioning & Heating, we offer quality HVAC installation, maintenance and repair services.

    Macdona Heating and AC Repairs

    Heating and air conditioning systems can lose efficiency and eventually need repairs. When a system needs attention, it’s usually at the worst time. Repairs are critical to avoid system failure. If you notice the system is not cooling or heating as usual, it’s time to call a specialist before your unit fails.

    Signs your heating and air conditioning system needs repair services:
    • The system is always running
    • Hear grinding on startup
    • Dust buildup around vents
    • Musty or moldy smells when running
    • Moisture around the unit
    • Airflow changes
    • Increasing humidity

    Calling our technicians involves an assessment of your existing system for problems. They will clearly explain the situation and advise you on repair options. Once you agree, the needed parts will be on the truck or back at the shop in almost all cases. Our technicians will then proceed to do a high-quality, efficient repair job.

    New Installations on Your Terms

    If you have an old unit, it may no longer be energy efficient. You may also want some updates. With a new HVAC installment, you will be worry-free for years. At a certain point, any heating and cooling system will cost more to repair than to replace. A failing system is an opportunity to reinvest in a newer and more energy-efficient system.

    A heat pump heats and cools as one system. A heat pump has been more popular lately due to the system’s energy efficiency. This system pushes hot air out to cool and, in reverse, draws heat from the environment to warm. Still, separate furnace and air conditioner installations will be more efficient than older systems.

    Outstanding AC Installation

    An experienced technician can answer all your questions. Our specialists will work around your daily life once approved work starts. Once our team starts the new system, adjustments and optimizations complete the job. Then, our pros will remove all debris.

    Quality HVAC Maintenance Services

    Regular system maintenance, including periodic inspections, can extend the service life of your system. Annual tune-ups create mechanical efficiency, and lubricating moving parts protects fans, motors and bearings. Cleaning drain lines and condenser coils further maintain efficiency. Cleaning ducts protect living or working spaces from mold, germs and allergens.

    When you need heating and air conditioning services in the Macdona area, MD Air Conditioning & Heating can offer comfort to your home or office. For a quick response to any heating and cooling problem, call us today!