Air conditioning filters are essential in filtering out dust, mold spores, fine dirt particles and bacteria and viruses. Dirt particles and particulates can jam up the ac system choking off the airflow leading to a decreased lifespan of the blower motor and expensive repairs. Your family’s health can be adversely affected by airborne pet dander, smoke, and contaminants especially for those with severe allergies, respiratory illnesses, asthma and hay fever. High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance (HEPA) air conditioning filters are more expensive than disposable spun fiberglass filters but are much more efficient at trapping those airborne entities which can make you and your family ill.

HEPA Filters are More Expensive but Worth it

Air filters remove various sized particles and particulates before the air flows through the blower and into the home. HEPA filters filter out fine particles and usually are free of maintenance twice as long as cheaper filters which only last for a few months. HEPA filters have a much higher minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) which means they are much more efficient at filtering particles with each pass through the system. For example, inexpensive spun fiberglass air conditioning filters have a MERV rating of from 1 to 4 while the best HEPA filters have a MERV rating of 20 meaning they filter out 99.999% of .30-micron sized- particles. Higher rated HEPA filters also usually have an increased number of pleats which decreases ambient smoke and odors.

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Proper and efficient air conditioning filters are essential for your family’s comfort and health. At MD Air Conditioning & Heating we can provide the most efficient HEPA air conditioning filters most suitable for your AC system. Call us today for an appointment with one of our top technicians at 210-569-0928.

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