Heat pumps are energy efficient cooling and heating systems. Over the last few years, they have gained popularity in many households thanks to their efficiency.

Here are some benefits of heat pumps:

Energy efficient
Heat pumps have high COP’s (Coefficient of performance); COP defines the amount of power a system uses to perform efficiently. To achieve 3 kilowatts of heating and cooling power, heat pumps use less than a kilowatt of energy. As such, their efficiency is about 300%.

Lower carbon footprint
Heat pumps use less combustion to generate heat meaning they have considerably fewer emissions. As such, they are a more eco-friendly heating option.

Heat pumps are cost-effective
Heat pump’s superior energy efficiency means they are more economical to use. Also, heat pumps are not fuel dependent hence they are not affected by global fuel price fluctuations. As such, you can easily budget for your energy costs every year. The installation costs shouldn’t limit you from having a heat pump installed in your home as the long-term advantages outweigh the short-term costs.

Excellent air quality
Heat pumps do not use combustion to heat spaces meaning they do not emit any smoke. As air circulates in the house, the pump’s filters purify it by removing any particles and bad odor in the process.

Compared to conventional heating systems, heat pumps operate more quietly making them a more comfortable option for homeowners. If you love a quiet and ambient living space, heat pumps are the perfect option for you.

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