Bryant SystemFor many professions, it is a necessity for corporations to obtain certification from a reputable organization. This reputable organization may be a major manufacturer, environmental protection agency, or even a government agency. Certification tells consumers that the organization is compliant with national standards. Accordingly, consumers tend to expect high-quality products and services from companies with a certification.

In the HVAC industry, many businesses are striving to achieve the Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer designation. Dealers with this designation are permitted to use the “Authorized Dealer” logo on their websites and advertisements. Despite how difficult it is to achieve this designation, many consumers are not aware of what it means to be a factory authorized dealer. Here is some information about what it means to be a factory authorized dealer.

Who Can Get this Certification?

In the United States, there are thousands of HVAC companies. However, of these companies, only five percent are factory-authorized. In order to become factory-authorized, HVAC contractors and dealers who sell HVAC equipment need to meet the strict requirements established by Bryant Corporation, which is an industry leader in cooling and heating solutions. The requirements for the factory authorized dealer designation are as follows:

Professional Competence

The company needs to be run professionally, possess all the required licenses and have liability coverage. Also, these companies must be able to meet the warranty requirements established by Bryant Corporation. The management should able to explain warranty terms and conditions and help consumers take full advantage of these terms and conditions. Bryant factory authorized dealers to possess integrity and honesty and offer upfront treatment.


The company needs to employ expert technicians. The technicians must undergo training to learn about HVAC equipment maintenance, installation, and repairs. They must also follow national standards when discharging duties. Consumers can expect the technicians of a Bryant factory authorized dealer to complete the job effectively and properly the first time.


To achieve certification, a company needs to be able to demonstrate their efficiency when it comes to providing consumers with HVAC solutions. Companies must have their technicians undergo training when it comes to the components and design of Bryant HVAC equipment. The company needs to be able to demonstrate their ability to provide customers with value quickly and reliably.

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