What Are the Signs of a Dirty Furnace Filter You Should Never Ignore?

An imperative aspect of any homeowner’s responsibilities when it comes to their furnace is changing out the filter on a regular basis. Furnace filters are installed to help remove impurities from the air before they reach the inside of the furnace. This helps to protect your heating system and keep your family breathing healthy, clean air. If you notice any of the problems below, then it’s time to change out your dirty furnace filter.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

As your furnace filter starts to fill up with debris over time, it’s going to make it much harder for air to be forced through it. As the air throughout your house becomes more stagnant due to the lack of circulation, you’re going to notice that the quality of your air significantly suffers. Those who deal with allergies are more likely to notice the problem since they’ll experience more flare-ups than usual.

Decreased Airflow

When your furnace filter becomes completely full of debris, there’s not going to be as much air flowing throughout your ducting. When you put your hand up against the vent in your room, you may notice that there’s not as much air coming out of it as you’re used to. There may also be no airflow at all. This is a telltale sign that you need to change out your filter.

Inadequate Heating

If you continue to let your furnace run with a dirty filter, it’s going to eventually have trouble adequately heating your home. The restricted airflow from this filter will limit the amount of air that enters your furnace to be heated. When this happens, you’ll likely notice that your furnace is constantly running without producing an adequate amount of heat for your house.

Increased Surface Dust

Dust is one of those airborne pollutants that’s typically trapped in a furnace filter, as this process helps to improve the quality of air inside your home. When your filter is completely dirty, this dust will not get trapped. Rather, it will land on various surfaces throughout your house. If you start to notice that the dust is building up more often than you’re used to, it’s likely time to change out your furnace filter.

Slight Burning Smell

Once your furnace filter gets filled to its max, it’s going to create a massive disruption to the amount of air that makes its way to your furnace. This airflow is necessary to help prevent your unit from overheating. If the filter is completely clogged, it’s likely that you may notice a slight burning smell coming from your vents.

Higher Than Normal Energy Bills

As your furnace filter clogs up with debris, your heating system is going to struggle to try to bring air into your system. Since your heater is going to be working much harder than it needs to, it’s going to utilize more fuel and energy. If you’ve noticed that your heating bill has increased compared to the previous month, it’s an indication that it may be time to change out your filter.

Your Filter Is Discolored

As a responsible homeowner, you should be checking your furnace filter at least once a month. When you install a new furnace filter, you’ll be able to see through it. However, as it collects dust and debris over time, it will discolor the filter until you can no longer see through it. This is an indication that the filter has reached the end of its lifespan and needs to be replaced with a fresh one.

Establish a Furnace Filter Maintenance Routine

How often a furnace’s air filter needs to be changed is going to vary drastically from household to household. The condition of your furnace, the amount of maintenance it receives, and even how tidy you keep your home can all play a big role in the longevity of a filter. It’s a good rule of thumb to check your furnace filter at least once a month. Most households will find that they need to replace the filter every one to three months.

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