AC Replacement in San Antonio, TX

A noisy air conditioner can ruin your sleep or your party, but there are many reasons why your unit might be making more sounds than you would like. Additionally, some of the sounds could be signs of other problems that you need to address so that you do not have bigger issues down the line. Other noises might be completely normal for your model, while some could indicate that you should get a new unit altogether. The following are some of the sounds that you should be aware of and how you can quiet your air conditioner.

Problems With the Ducts

First of all, you might hear a hissing sound if you have problems with your duct system. If you have a hole or crack in your ducts, you might start to hear hissing sounds as the air flows through those parts of the system. If there are holes, your AC system is not working efficiently, and this can lead to expensive energy loss. You can fix the holes and cracks, but you can also use insulation to further soundproof your home from the noises.

Holes and Obstructions in the Drain Line

Your air conditioner has a way of collecting all of the humidity in the air, but it needs a place to put the moisture that it collects. The drain line is what diverts this moisture from the AC unit to a basement drain or the outside of your house. If there is an obstruction or a hole in the line, you will hear the moisture as it moves.

Defective Contactor Relay Switch

If you have a problem with the contactor relay switch, you are likely to hear a humming noise. When the thermostat sends the message to the contactor relay switch, it turns on the outdoor condenser unit.

Malfunctioning Fan Motor

If there is something wrong with the fan motor on the outside unit, you will begin to hear a screeching sound. Otherwise, it is also possible that there is a motor broken in the condenser. Either way, you should take care of this issue soon.

Malfunctioning Compressor

When there is an issue with the compressor, you probably will hear banging noises. Rattling is another common noise that you might hear in connection with a compressor problem. If you hear this sound, there is most likely a loose part clanging around. If it is the compressor, you might decide that it is worth it to replace your air conditioner at this time if it is already an older unit. The amount of labor that it takes to get to the compressor can make it less than cost-effective to replace it.

If There Is Nothing Wrong With Your Air Conditioner

There are times when there is absolutely nothing wrong with your AC unit. Quite often, if this happens, your air conditioner is either old or in an inconvenient part of the house. When you are ready to install a new unit, try to find a side of the house that will not be near living spaces, including outside patios, living rooms, and bedrooms. The more distance you put between your air conditioner and living spaces, the less likely you will be disturbed by the noises. Additionally, you might notice that there are problems with your air conditioner’s sounds echoing if your unit is near a brick wall.

One of the best ways to dampen the noise is to build a wooden fence around your air conditioner. This will muffle any echoing sounds that you are experiencing. It will also prevent the sound waves from traveling as far even if you do not have a brick wall.

A third option is to add a noise-dampening blanket. You can talk to the manufacturer of your air conditioner to learn more about which blanket was made for your model of AC unit.

Dampen the Sounds From the Attic

If you are hearing noises from the attic and your indoor air conditioning unit is located there, you should put down a noise barrier to prevent the vibrations from traveling.

When you are looking for a company that can help you fix anything that is making your air conditioner louder, you can reach out to MD Air Conditioning & Heating in San Antonio. We fix air conditioners, but we also take care of heating units and indoor air quality needs. Call us today for assistance with all of your HVAC needs.

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