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It is normal for air conditioners to lose efficiency over time. However, it can be hard for the average person to know whether an AC unit needs a simple repair or requires complete replacement altogether. Since the typical air conditioner lifespan is 10-15 years, units that are over 20 years old often exhibit telltale signs of the need for replacement. A look at some of the top signs that it is time to replace your air conditioner can help you make an informed decision for your unit.

Your Air Conditioner Frequently Breaks Down

One of the first indications that you need to replace your older unit is that your air conditioner frequently breaks down. Air conditioners that receive consistent HVAC maintenance and yearly tune-ups should not experience constant breakdowns during the summer. Some of the most common air conditioner problems occur due to inconsistent maintenance, and a trained technician can also preemptively identify problems before they cause major damage.

If you skipped the recommended annual tune-ups, however, your air conditioner lifespan might end up shorter than expected. Your unit can also break down more often due to extreme temperatures or frequent use. For example, individuals who live in notoriously hot or humid areas should expect to replace a unit around the 20-year mark. And if your unit experiences multiple shutdowns despite regular maintenance, it is time to buy a new one. Too many breakdowns will eventually render your unit inoperable, so it is better to replace the unit to avoid suffering through harsh weather without air conditioning.

Your Energy Bills Have Skyrocketed

While it is normal for energy costs to fluctuate slightly during the winter or summer, you should watch out for any drastic changes to your utility bill. Higher energy bills can indicate that your air conditioning unit has malfunctioned or can no longer operate efficiently. For example, compressor issues in an old conditioner can restrict airflow and cause the unit to work harder to produce cold air. You may also hear an old air conditioner running constantly to maintain a consistent temperature. This nonstop running can cause a spike in your energy bill. If you see your utility costs rise and never come back down, hiring a technician to install a new air conditioner could serve as a worthwhile investment for your household.

Your Estimated Cost of Repair Exceeds the Cost of Replacement

Constant breakdowns can result in costly repairs that add up. If you find yourself scheduling repairs that extend far beyond routine maintenance, it is often wiser to replace the unit itself. You can request that a trained technician assess the condition of your older unit and offer suggestions. Some owners also use a traditional equation to determine whether it is time to get a new unit. Simply take the estimated cost of repair, and multiply it by the age of your air conditioner. If the amount is greater than the cost of a new unit, then you should talk to an HVAC professional about installing an upgrade instead.

Your Air Conditioner Poses a Safety Hazard

While costs and efficiency are important factors regarding when you should replace your air conditioner, another major consideration is whether your old unit poses a safety risk. If an HVAC professional discovers that your old unit is releasing carbon monoxide or poses a fire hazard, you should replace the air conditioner immediately. Similarly, some mechanical or operational parts become outdated or obsolete over time. It is better to replace an old unit instead of compromising the safety of a building or its occupants.

In addition to immediate household risks, an HVAC technician could also determine that the old unit poses an environmental hazard. For example, many old air conditioner units use R-22 Freon refrigerant. However, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has begun to phase R-22 Freon out of use since studies have shown that this chemical may deplete the ozone layer. If your old unit breaks down and requires a Freon refill for the repair, your technician might not be able to find this substance to complete the repair. In this case, the technician will need to install a new unit. A professional company can also help you properly dispose of an old unit to minimize potential harm to the environment.

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