Space Heater Safety Tips in San Antonio, TX

A space heater in San Antonio is a helpful item that can take that chill out of the air in certain rooms of your home. While they’re effective, they can also be dangerous. Thirty-two percent of house fires in the United States each year are caused by space heaters, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. While some fires occur because of a faulty unit, there are steps that you can take to reduce the risk of a house fire when you have a space heater around.

Don’t Leave Your Space Heater Plugged In When Not in Use

A space heater must be turned on, and it must be plugged in for it to run. Many people choose to turn the unit off when they’re done with it, but they leave it plugged in for convenience the next time they want to turn it on. Taking that extra step to unplug the unit can provide you with extra safety if the switch wasn’t completely turned to the off position or the unit is malfunctioning.

The Location of Your Space Heater Is Important

Positioning your space heater in the right location decreases your risk of a fire. You should always have a minimum of 3 feet of distance between your heater and any other objects that are around it, especially if you have flammable items nearby. These items include papers, fabric that’s not fire-resistant, toys, etc.

Your heater should be placed on a completely flat surface that is away from people passing by. That means keep it off the stairs and out of the hallways. You should avoid having the cord strung across an area that could pose a tripping hazard. If you find a safe spot for your space heater but are still concerned it could tip and start a fire, choose a model that comes with an automatic shut-off feature that engages if the unit senses it’s been tipped.

Inspection of Your Space Heater

Even a brand-new space heater that’s coming right out of the box should be inspected. Check the cord to ensure its structure is intact, and check where it connects to the unit. You’ll want to inspect the heater’s case for cracks or damage and make sure that the switches are all functioning as intended. If you notice any problems, a professional should repair the unit.

Utilize a Smoke Detector/Carbon Monoxide Detector

If you leave the room momentarily and forget to turn off your space heater, a fire could start in just a matter of seconds. You can remain aware of what’s going on by ensuring you have a working smoke detector (with carbon monoxide detection as well). You should also keep a fire extinguisher somewhere in your home that’s easily accessible. If the fire is too big to contain and put out quickly on your own, immediately call the fire department for assistance.

Keep Moisture Away

When it’s cold outside and in the house, getting out of that hot shower or bath each day can be unpleasant. People are often tempted to have a space heater in the bathroom with them to promote a cozier temperature in that space. Unfortunately, moisture can make its way into the unit, causing a buildup of water inside and on the interior components. Keep your unit away from areas that have high humidity, like the bathroom or kitchen.

Keep Your Heater Away From Kids

A space heater can help keep a play area warm for children, but it can also be dangerous in this area. Most space heaters get pretty warm to the touch on the exterior surface. A child could easily burn themselves if they touch it. They could also knock it over, or a child could place items near the heater that could start a fire if left unattended.

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