A heat pump is an excellent choice for heating and cooling your home in the moderate climate of San Antonio, TX. Heat pumps transfer heat instead of burning fuel, so they’re efficient and effective at both functions. In order to maintain this indoor climate control, the heat pump needs routine maintenance. One of the most important parts of maintaining your heat pump is changing its air filter. Use these tips to successfully check and change the filter in your heat pump.

Locate the Air Filter Housing

The first step in replacing an air filter is turning off the power to the heat pump. You shouldn’t access any of its parts while it’s running. Next, locate the filter. Heat pump air filters are contained within a housing that looks like a drawer or cabinet door. It’s in the indoor unit near the air handler. Some air filter housings use a screw or clamp to maintain a tight seal. You might need a screwdriver to open the housing door. If your air filter’s housing isn’t labeled, the owner’s manual or manufacturer’s website will have a diagram of the filter’s location.

Determine the Correct Size of Replacement Filter

The filter that’s already in the housing should have a label with its size. If you can’t see the label, the manufacturer’s website should explain what size of filter your model of heat pump requires. Don’t use any other size of filter. A different size of filter might not fit, and it won’t do a good job of trapping particles from your home’s air.

Check the Existing Filter

If you have allergies or asthma, wear a face mask, gloves and goggles when accessing the dirty air filter. Many filters are made of fiberglass, and fibers that break off can become respiratory irritants. Slide the filter out of its housing. Inspect the filter. Look for dust or buildup on the media. If it’s visibly dirty, remove the filter. Filters that are more than three months old should also be replaced.

Remove the Dirty Filter

Air filters are large and bulky. Most aren’t recyclable, so you’ll want a large trash bag to put it into for proper disposal. Use the extension hose of your vacuum to suction any dust or debris left in the filter’s housing.

reaplce air filter in heat pump

Reusable Heat Pump Filters

A few heat pumps may be outfitted with reusable filters. These filters can be cleaned and reused for two to three years. It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s directions on proper cleaning procedures. Most of these filters need to be cleaned every two to four weeks. If your home includes furry pets, you may need to clean the filter every one to two weeks. The filter must be dry when it’s returned to the heat pump. At the end of its lifespan, the filter should be thrown away.

Align and Insert the Clean Filter

Write the date on the cardboard or plastic frame of your new filter. Put it on the side that you’ll see when you open the filter’s housing. Align the filter using its directional arrows. The filter’s housing typically has arrows for proper alignment as well. Push the air filter into place. They slide all the way into their slot. Be sure to tightly close the housing door. Replace the screw or clamp if the door uses one to stay shut.

Guidance on How Often to Change a Disposable Air Filter

Check your heat pump’s air filter once each month. To remember this task, set a reminder on your phone’s calendar. Pick a recurring date that’s easy to set and remember, such as the first Saturday of each month. If anyone in your home has allergies, asthma or another breathing disorder, change the filter every one to two months. Avoid going longer than three months between air filter changes. Air filters that measure 1–2 inches thick need to be replaced sooner than those measuring 3–5 inches thick.

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