AC Maintenance If you live in San Antonio, TX then you know it doesn’t rain that much. In fact, it rains less than half of what the rest of the nation experiences on average in precipitation. But like the saying goes: when it rains, it pours. Can that rain damage your heating system over time? Here’s what you should know about the rain and your heating system.

The Impact of Rain on Your Heating System

The rain comes and the rain goes in San Antonio, Texas. Averaging about 40 inches per year, can that rain over time negatively affect your HVAC system? Generally speaking: no. HVAC systems today are designed to withstand rain and other environmental conditions. Older units installed in older homes, however, were not as well-designed and as well-built to withstand rainfall over time. That said, if these heating systems are that old, it’s probably time to upgrade to a newer system anyway. On the other hand, rain can actually be good. The rain can cool the coils of the HVAC system and wash away the dirt that collects there. That said, rain is not unproblematic.

The Impact of Rain-related Weather on Your Heating System

Though the rain itself may not damage an HVAC system over time, rain-related conditions can have an immediate impact. Lightning, hail, or flooding can all cause problems. Lightning strikes and power surges can damage your HVAC system. To reduce the potential of damage, you should turn the system off during a storm. Hail can damage an HVAC system, too. Damage primarily consists of structural damage, like dents to the exterior or destruction of the fan’s fins. Flooding can occur, and when it does, the damage is enough to require you to purchase a new furnace altogether. The outdoor system can be flooded.

Beat the Rain: Find Out if Your Heating System is Damaged

If you are worried or think your heating system may have been damaged due to heavy rain, hail, lightning, or flooding, contact the HVAC specialists at MD Air Conditioning and Heating Inc. We provide furnace repair, installation, and maintenance. Don’t hesitate and give us a call today!

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