First, let us explain what causes air to become polluted and why it is essential to have good air quality. Air quality is the condition of the surrounding air. Pollution from manufacturing plants, cars, buses, trains, as well as natural sources such as volcanic eruptions and windstorms carrying sand and dirt degrade the quality of the air. The following will also degrade air quality: smoking, sprayed household cleaners, as well as pollen from indoor plants in addition to pet dander.

Moisture in the air is detrimental to air quality for many reasons. Mold and mildew form when moisture is present. Add a family with health problems that include allergies or asthma and you have a severe problem. How does a dehumidifier help my air quality? We’re glad you asked.

How Does Moisture Get into a House?

Grade school science taught us water evaporates into the air. Lakes, rivers, streams, even puddles on the road contain water which will eventually enter the atmosphere. Evaporation now rides warm air streams until it finds a place to land. We open the front door only to find warm moist air entering our home.

How Does This Have to do With Air Quality in My home?

When condensation appears on windows, mirrors and other surfaces, it’s time to call San Antonio’s MD Air Conditioning and Heating. Our indoor air quality check includes measuring indoor humidity, checking for mold and mildew, as well as monitoring outside the house and answering the family’s air quality and health questions.

We will suggest a dehumidifier, extra air filters, in addition to sealing off doors and windows to avoid moist air entering the house. The duct work will be examined as well as the entire air conditioning unit for efficiency.
Our techs are air conditioning experts and can answer any questions that you might have. Give us a call the first time you see condensation in your home.