Central air conditioning systems (ACs) are relatively expensive but important investments that homeowners need to make. Currently, many systems are designed to last for as long as 10 years, provided that they are properly maintained. A good AC unit should ideally be energy efficient and should maintain optimal comfort in all areas of the house.

The AC system should reduce humidity during the summer months while at the same time lowering the temperatures to comfortable levels. But even with frequent maintenance, there will be a time when the system will no longer function as well as it used to. The following are signs that will tell you if it’s time to replace your AC unit:

Age of Your Air Conditioning System

The lifespan of an air conditioning unit is between 10 and 15 years. If the unit is close to 10 years or is older than this, you may need to start considering a replacement. Your heating and cooling costs should roughly account for about 44 percent of all your utility costs. In case you establish that you are paying more than this, then it means that the air conditioning unit is not as efficient as it needs to be.

Excessive Dust and Noise

If you notice that there is a constant presence of dust in the residence even after wiping it clean, then this indicates that your AC is leaking. Such leaks can significantly affect your indoor air quality and cause serious health complications, especially for individuals with allergic reactions. It can also compromise the efficiency of your AC system and result in an increase in operating costs. If you notice that it has become increasingly noisy, it could mean that the duct system in place is not large enough for your home’s square footage.

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