Nothing is worse than trying to turn on your heating system and nothing happening. On the other hand, discovering that the heater won’t turn off when you shut it down is another annoying and somewhat hazardous problem. Don’t panic if the heating system won’t stop running, but, know that the problem might require more than a quick fix.

Check the Thermostat

Thermostat settings can lead to the heater continually running. In this case, there’s nothing wrong with the heating system or the thermostat. The system is simply responding to the programming. For example, if you set the thermostat to “FAN ON,” the fan will run without the burners on, so the heater itself isn’t running but the sound gives the impression that it is.

A Wiring Problem Exists

A short in the wiring system can upend how the thermostat signals a command to the heating system, causing the heater to continue to run even though the thermostat setting tells it to shut off. This problem isn’t one suited for a DIY fix. Correcting wiring problems requires an expert hand for safety and other reasons. MD Air Conditioning & Heating performs troubleshooting, repair, and maintenance work on several different heating and cooling systems for San Antonio residents.

Find Out Who Is Touching the Thermostat

Make sure everyone in the house is on the same page with thermostat settings. If everyone keeps changing the temperature setting, it may seem as if the heater is running by itself. Constant changes to the thermostat cause the unit to continue running after you thought you shut it off. Why? Someone else turned it back on.

The Filter Is Dirty

Dirty filters cause more problems than people realize. Once a filter becomes excessively dirty and clogged, the filter can mess up the heater’s operations in several ways, causing the heating system to run continually, among other problems. Luckily, replacing the filter is an easy fix.

Why let your heating system run and run? MD Air Conditioning & Heating can get things back on track. We can also help you with your air conditioner and air quality issues in San Antonio, so call us today.

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