Heating Repairs in Cibolo, TX
Updated On: 11/7/23

There many signs that will alert you to the need for heating repairs. The following are just a few of the most obvious and common. In some cases, you may not know why the problem has arisen, but this makes it all the more important to call a heating technician for an inspection.

Inefficient Heating

You may notice that the heater takes longer than usual to achieve the set temperature. You may notice that some rooms or floors are warmer than others. At the same time, your heating bills may be rising to unusual heights. These signify that the heating system is being compromised. For instance, dust may build up on the coils and other internal components of the heater, or the heat exchanger of a furnace may be cracked.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

When uneven heating (or cold spots) goes hand in hand with an increased presence of dust and other pollutants in the air, then you know that the issue lies in the air ducts and filters. While replacing air filters can be a DIY project, cleaning the ductwork is something that would require a heating repair professional.

MD Air Conditioning & Heating can send out just such a professional to your home in San Antonio, TX. Before starting any repair job, we’ll provide a free quote for your approval.

A Complete Breakdown

This is the clearest cause of heating repairs. The reason behind the breakdown can be as diverse as a blown fuse, a faulty relay, or all-around wear and tear. For furnaces, the issue may be a bad pilot light sensor or a blower motor that needs replacing.

Highly Experienced Heating Technicians

You can trust MD Air Conditioning & Heating for repairs and maintenance in San Antonio. After all, each of our technicians has at least 16 years of in-the-field experience. Besides heating and air conditioning work, we set up customers with indoor air quality solutions like humidifiers and air purifiers. To learn more, contact us today.

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