Licensed HVAC Contractor in San Antonio, TX

Trying to keep your home cool in San Antonio, TX can be a task. HVAC systems are in overdrive trying to maintain comfortable temperatures. The warmer season is a common time for unit repairs, and these HVAC repairs or replacements are not something you should attempt on your own. If you try to be frugal with an attempt to DIY, you usually end up spending more money in the long run. It is always advised to hire a licensed HVAC contractor to do the work for you.

Professional Technicians Provide Regular HVAC Maintenance

Your HVAC system works incredibly hard at performing its basic functions. All of that constant stopping and starting on top of its general operations can really wear it down just like any other machine. That’s why professional maintenance is needed to keep your HVAC system in optimum operating condition during the seasons you need it most.

When you schedule regular maintenance, you’re maximizing the life of your HVAC system and preventing a wide range of common equipment failures. Having a preventive maintenance inspection performed on your AC can result in uncovering problems from corroded electrical components, frayed wires, and general wear and tear. Regular HVAC maintenance and tune-ups can prevent future HVAC problems. Ensuring that your HVAC unit is maintained by a qualified technician will also keep any manufacturer’s warranties that you have valid.

Fixing Common Issues

Repairs and replacements of HVAC systems should always be handled by professionals because some of the most common issues can be difficult to detect. Our technicians can perform pressure tests to detect leaks, conduct electrical flow testing to find any shorts in the system, and measure airflow pressure to ensure all areas of the home are being heated or cooled evenly. These common issues can be easy and more affordable to repair if detected early.

High-Quality Equipment

HVAC professionals like [company name] don’t install the same type of equipment that you might find at retail stores. We install quality HVAC equipment made available through original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and established distributors. We take pride in our customer service and the warranties we carry on all our equipment. All of our recommended HVAC systems are whole-home solutions that you can always count on for providing the overall comfort that you want for your home or business.

Hiring a technician that is not licensed or purchasing used units doesn’t offer the same kind of quality. You risk your home warranty as well as the unit performance and lifespan by utilizing an unlicensed technician or used equipment.

Professional HVAC Technicians Often Offer Air Quality Testing

When it comes to air quality testing, there are inexpensive testing kits available. However, they only test for particular pollutants, and mold is not one of them. This is another job to leave to a professional. Any air quality hazards that are detected will be described in detail by an HVAC professional along with the steps recommended to improve them. Our technicians test for a number of things during an IAQ assessment, including humidity levels and airborne mold levels, and address any complaints you might have.

Expertise Guaranteed

When you work with a licensed HVAC team, you can be assured that they are experts in their field. Professional technicians have years of experience and take part in ongoing training to stay current with the latest advancements in HVAC technology. Licensed technicians also maintain memberships in professional organizations that help them build their knowledge even further.

At MD Air Conditioning & Heating, we are the only Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer in Bexar County. Each of our trained and experienced technicians has years of experience protecting homeowners’ equipment from the South Texas heat. In addition, our technicians are all NCI certified and keep up with the latest continuing education courses. Founded in 1975, the NCI provides HVAC contractors worldwide with training, testing instruments, and consulting services so that they can provide safer, more comfortable, and more energy-efficient homes and offices for their customers.

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HVAC issues can strike at any time and usually choose the hottest day to do so. It can be tempting to try to handle repairs or installation yourself. However, this can be a mistake for both your HVAC system and your own safety. We provide a full range of HVAC services, including repairs, installation, and maintenance. Our team also works on commercial HVAC units and offers indoor air quality solutions. Reach out to us today for more information or to set up an appointment for your San Antonio home or business.