What Does NCI Certification Do For You?

When learning stops, you’re walking backwards. Your MD Air Conditioning and Heating technicians put the latest continuing education programs to work for you. The National Comfort Institute Inc. (NCI) provides training, test instruments and consultation to HVAC contractors worldwide so they can provide home owners and business owners safer, more comfortable, and more energy-efficient homes and offices.

National Comfort Institute trains heating and air conditioning professionals to test systems just like yours to determine existing efficiency and delivered comfortable air. NCI Certified Professionals that complete NCI’s System Performance and Air Balancing courses are certified to test your heating and cooling equipment and make the necessary recommendations and repairs to maximize the results in your home. NCI also trains them to pinpoint troubles in your system and fix these problems.

  • How does the proper training translate to value for the consumer? The Air Force entrusted MD Air Conditioning with a major contract at Lackland Air Force Base to install and balance all the air conditioning for their newest subdivision, including nearly fifty, two-story homes.
  • What is air balancing? Air balancing is about delivering the right volume of air to every room in your home or office. Factors that affect air balancing include capacity of your system, size of your plenum, duct size and length, door and hallway placement, and more.
  • Why inspect your air conditioning ducts? Ducts have to be sealed and unrestricted to function properly. A 30% return duct link can cut cooling capacity by 50%. Your MD Air Conditioning expert knows where to look for weak spots and other possible problem areas.

What Are The Benefits to a HVAC Technician Who is NCI Certified?

Certification by the National Comfort Institute means your technician has been trained to deliver top-notch customer service. Each NCI recipient brings with them international credibility, status, and legitimacy throughout their HVAC career.

MD Air Conditioning Heating works with only the Best.

We want to provide you, the customer, with the best customer experience when providing HVAC services. That is why we only work with the best trained technicians who have the credentials to prove it… because in order to be the best you have to work with the best.

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