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Not all households have state-of-the-art air conditioning systems. Additionally, saving a dollar or two on electricity bills is an excellent way to keep your finances checked. Though it might be tempting to crank up the AC during the hot summer, sometimes, it’s a great idea to improvise and keep your home cool through other means. The following are examples of simple tricks you can use to keep off the heat.

1. Switch Your Fans to Rotate Counterclockwise

Ceiling fans have two rotation direction settings: clockwise and counterclockwise. During summer, you can switch the settings of your fan to rotate counterclockwise. This pushes the cooler air down. Typically, a clockwise rotation during winter helps to distribute heat in your home. It’s a good idea to switch the direction of your fans from clockwise to counterclockwise when you start preparing your home for spring.

2. Use Curtains to Block Out the Heat

Generally, you can help prevent your house from heating up in the summer by blocking out the sun using blackout curtains. Drawing your curtains during the brightest and hottest part of your day will keep the sun out. These curtains are specially made with heavy material that absorbs the light without passing it into your home. If you don’t want black curtains, you can use neutral curtains in color. Some even have plastic backings that reflect sunlight.

3. Keep Your Windows Closed Until The Evening

Typically, summer is marked with sweltering days and cooler nights. Keeping your curtains closed during the day helps to prevent heat from getting in. Additionally, to get rid of any extra heat that is in your home, you can open your windows in the evening to allow cold air in a while at the same time letting out warm air. Though keeping your windows closed during the day can be a great way to keep out the extra heat, your home might become stuffy. Therefore, opening the windows in the evening ensures that fresh air can flow in.

4. Use Cotton Bedding

Heat is an excellent way to get you to sleep. However, excessive amounts of heat can make your night unbearable. During the summer, use cotton sheets and cotton materials for your beddings. Essentially, cotton is lightweight, breathable, and will only retain the most necessary heat. This will allow you to cool down and prevent the accumulation of heat in your house. If you get all sweaty at night, you can also get yourself some sheets that absorb moisture.

5. Make a DIY Air Conditioner

You can create a simple air conditioner at home by using some ice and a fan. Place some ice on a pan and place the pan right behind a fan. Typically, since the ice is bound to melt outside the freezer, the rotating fan takes up the cold air surrounding the ice and distributes it around the house. Generally, this action will also create a mist that will absorb the heat in the house and give you further cooling.

6. Use the Kitchen Exhaust Fan

This is one of the most outstanding hacks of all time. Normally, after cooking, you turn on the exhaust fan to suck the hot air and humidity outside the house. Apart from just cooling your kitchen, you can also use this trick to rid your house of extra heat. Just turn on the kitchen exhaust fan for as long as you want until the house is cool enough. The bathroom fan offers the same functionality.

7. Create a Cross-Breeze to Get Heat Out

In this hack, you will first want to figure out which way the wind is blowing. Simply open the windows on the downwind side of your home. Then, open the windows on the opposite side of your home and relax. The wind will blow through your home, bringing fresh air in and moving stagnant air out.

If the wind isn’t blowing in a way that’s conducive for this, you can create your own wind. You will just need two fans. Open a window on one end of your house. Put a fan next to the window so that it is blowing air from the outside indoors. Open a window on the other side of the home and put the other fan next to it facing outside so that the fan is blowing air from inside out. This will create a wind effect while freshening the air in your home.

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