Things You Can Do To Help Keep Warm When Your Central Heat’s Not Working

bryant_indoor_furnace_convoObviously, the first thing to do when your heat is out is call MD Air Conditioning and Heating at (210) 569-0928! When your central heating system isn’t working like it should, we want to help you get it going again just as soon as we can…and we will.

Before we arrive, here are tips you can use to help keep your family warmer in the meantime:

  • Turn on any low-wattage sources of heat within your home, such as lights and TVs…all these contribute heat to your home’s interior air. Prepare your meals using your stove-top or regular oven rather than using the microwave oven.
  • If you have ceiling fans that allow you to reverse their direction of rotation, reverse each fan so its blades are pushing air UP toward the ceiling rather than blowing downward. Turn each ceiling fan to its low or medium speed setting. The objective here is to keep MIXING the warmest air near the ceiling with the cooler air from lower in the room, without creating much of a breeze. Since warm air rises, you’ll find the air temperature near the ceiling toastier, but that doesn’t help you unless you can get it moved back down to the level where you are.
  • If you have ceiling fans, but can’t reverse their rotation, just turn them to the lowest speed setting to let them push the warm air near the ceiling back down into the room.
  • If you don’t have ceiling fans, but you do have portable fans, angle them as best you can to move air up toward the ceiling. Again, the object here is to mix cooler, lower air with the warm air near the ceiling. Be sure to keep fans out of the reach of any small children in your home.
  • Adjust your family’s clothing – dress in multiple layers. Each additional layer of material helps trap some body heat we each naturally generate. Three layers, such as a long-sleeved shirt worn over a short-sleeved shirt worn over a T-shirt can provide substantial comfort inside in cool weather. A fourth layer, if desired, could be a light windbreaker or hoodie.
  • If it’s going to be more than a few hours before our service technician is scheduled to arrive, or even overnight, you may want to consider purchasing an oil-filled electric room heater for each of your bedrooms. These are shaped much like an old-time steam-heat radiator, with vertical fins. In addition to being more efficient at keeping the chill off a room than direct-radiant type portable heaters (because they circulate warm air by convection across the fins), they also are less likely to be a fire hazard because their surfaces do not get red-hot.

These are just a few ideas to help you stay comfortable until your system’s normal heating can be restored. You may have other ideas yourself. The important idea is to keep you and your family safe from cold-related medical problems until your central heating system can be brought back to life.

If you have babies, any other children not yet school-age, any one with heart or circulatory problems, or any elderly in your home, it’s particularly important to protect them from temperatures below 70°. If the measures listed above don’t succeed in keeping the air temperature at bed-height at least 70°, then be sure the susceptible age groups are dressed in multiple layers, even for sleeping.

We look forward to talking to you at (210) 569-0928.