If your company is looking for top-quality commercial HVAC services in Boerne, TX, our experts at MD Air Conditioning & Heating are here to help! You have plenty of responsibilities as a business owner, including keeping your customers and your team members comfortable when Mother Nature does her worst. Texas weather can be punishingly hot during the summer, which is why it’s crucial to always keep your HVAC system in working order. The good news is that when you need commercial services in Boerne and the surrounding areas, you can contact us 24 hours a day.

Commercial HVAC Benefits

A commercial HVAC system has an average operational life expectancy of 10-15 years. A well-built and properly serviced unit can often continue to run long past the end of its anticipated lifespan. But an older HVAC system is much more likely to break down, and even a top-of-the-line unit will predictably become less energy-efficient over time. If you’re experiencing any of the following issues with your commercial air conditioning unit, it’s time to schedule an appointment.

  • Sudden increases in utility bills
  • Grinding or metallic noises
  • Unit fails to maintain temperature
  • Uneven heat in your office
  • Mildewy or moldy odors from vents

Annual HVAC maintenance is one of the most important parts of keeping your system performing efficiently, and it can prolong the life of your unit. You certainly need to perform maintenance on all of your system’s user-serviceable parts, and you’ll need a professional HVAC technician to handle the rest of your service issues. We offer highly affordable maintenance agreements that include an annual maintenance visit and priority service when you need to schedule a service call.

During your annual service visit, we’ll clean and service your HVAC system, inspect all of your ductwork, top off your refrigerants, and replace any worn or broken parts. Our seasoned technicians know how to locate and resolve common service issues before they lead to more expensive problems. Our team can give you a free no-obligation quote on a new HVAC system at any time.

Commercial Services You Can Trust in Boerne

MD Air Conditioning & Heating has been providing commercial heating and air conditioning in Boerne and Kendall County for over 16 years. Whether you live near River Road or I-10, our experienced technicians are standing by to help you with all of your commercial services.

Contact MD Air Conditioning & Heating today if you have any questions about HVAC assistance in Boerne or the surrounding areas. We also help with residential HVAC and heat pumps.